Property Managers With Extensive Real Estate Experience In California

With more than 35 years of experience, the team at ENG & Willin Properties provides the highest quality support services to tenants and property owners throughout the San Diego, California region. Our team specializes in the management of houses, apartments, condominiums and cottages in the southern section of the state. Our property management services maximize revenue by keeping the rentals occupied and well-maintained.

We manage both inland and waterfront properties with care. We have worked hard to acquire a wide range of property types and locations for prospective tenants to enjoy. Our team keeps communication channels open to facilitate a lasting working relationship with our client base.

san diegoOur team invites tenants and property owners to contact us anytime to discuss the available service packages and benefits of signing up. We have a proven management record and a full roster of high quality rental properties receiving our care and attention. We plan to continue serving the community with quality rental assistance for decades to come.